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February 7, 2014

Aries – If you could have three wishes what would they be? Focus on what you desire more than anything and there is a very good chance you will get it. Your mind is a powerful tool and if you use it to make a request the universe will respond.

Taurus –Do you carry on with a difficult task or do you end it and focus on something a bit easier? Only you can decide but it does seem a bit of a waste to give up on it so soon. What happened to that Taurus staying power?

Gemini - Whatever you do for a living, the changes you make on the work front over the next few days will have huge effects over the coming months, so think carefully and, if there is any doubt, leave things as they are for the time being.

Cancer - Whatever kind of news you receive over the next 24 hours you are advised to keep an open mind. A couple of weeks from now you will have more important issues to deal with, so don’t take what you hear now too seriously.

Leo - You need to make a decision about a partnership or relationship matter. If you don’t the issue will be taken out of your hands and other people will make the decision for you – and almost certainly they won’t do what please you.

Virgo -It’s important that you don’t let your anxieties get the better of you, especially where your health is concerned. You tend to fear the worst for no good reason at this time of year but eventually your fears will fade. Attitude is everything.

Libra –Put the finishing touches to something of a creative nature, something that could bring you the kind of recognition and rewards you believe you deserve. Even if it doesn’t make you rich and famous it will still be a job well done.

 Scorpio –If you must get involved in a dispute between friends make sure you are carefully even-handed. If you give the impression that you favor one side more than the other you will make things worse than if you had left it alone.

Sagittarius - Change is good, it’s positive, so whatever else you do today don’t fight the changes that come your way. You were not designed by the cosmos to stay where you are – you were designed to explore and try out new things.

Capricorn -If you want something enough you will find a way to get it but it may cost you a great deal of time and energy. What you have to decide is whether the sacrifice is worth it. Think long-term and give up something today for something better tomorrow.

Aquarius –You have this terrible feeling that if you don’t act quickly you will miss out on something big. Maybe you’re right, maybe you will, but is it really so important? The planets urge you to focus on perfecting what you’ve already begun.

Pisces - What society tells you is important and what your inner voice tells you is important are likely to be two entirely different things. It does not matter how well qualified some people may be, you should never go against your instincts.