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February 13, 2014

Aries– Secrecy may not come naturally to you but the less you reveal about yourself the better. You need to be a bit more mysterious, especially on the work front. Keep both colleagues and rivals at arm’s length and don’t forget that knowledge is power.

Taurus– If you say one thing but do another you leave yourself open to be called a hypocrite. You don’t need to cut corners or bend the truth: you have so much going for you that you will still come out ahead of the game however you play it.

Gemini- As your ruler Mercury begins one of its retrograde phases today you need to be on your guard. It’s quite likely that someone will try to cheat you in some way – but now that you know that it won’t be so easy. Don’t be too trusting.

Cancer- Your mind may be working fast and you may have come to conclusions that satisfy you but can you be sure they are correct? Go deeper than your mind. Listen to your inner voice and act on what it tells you, even if you don’t understand it.

Leo- Like everyone you have secrets and one particular secret could be dangerous if other people get to know about it. Make sure you don’t say or do anything today that might give it up to your opponents.

Virgo-It’s important that you are honest about your feelings. If you keep them to yourself, then your negative emotions may build up to the point where an outburst is more likely than not. Let loved ones know how you feel.

Libra– Be careful what you say over the next few days because certain people won’t take kindly to you making light of things that they take seriously. However others will think you are the funniest person ever so your audience carefully.

Scorpio– There is still time to make your feelings known but if you leave it too late in the day the opportunity will slip past and it won’t come again for quite a while. Don’t worry that you might be rejected. Others think highly of you.

Sagittarius- You will get more done if you take a gentler approach to partnership matters. Put yourself in others’ shoes and imagine how you would feel if someone talked to you the way you sometimes talk to them. You can be a bit abrupt at times.

Capricorn-You may want to be open and sociable but with communications planet Mercury now turning retrograde you would be wise not to give too much away. Anyone who starts asking personal questions is most likely not to be trusted.

Aquarius–The bigger the challenge - the more you like it. Your sense of adventure is such that you don’t mind what life throws at you – as far as you are concerned each and every problem is an opportunity for fun. Hold on to that feeling right though the year.

Pisces- You may not be as ambitious as some people but you have no end of dreams you would like to see come true. One dream more than most has your attention now, but you need to decide if it is a realistic dream or is it a fantasy dream.