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February 14, 2014

Aries– Think twice before speaking your mind. Although today’s full moon takes place in your fellow Fire sign of Aries you could still get emotional and say things you later regret, so bite your tongue and keep your feelings to yourself – for now.

Taurus– You like to aim high but sometimes you wonder if it’s worth the effort. Only you can decide but now is not a good time to make decisions concerning either your career or your family. Think about it another day.

Gemini- Today’s full moon makes minor disputes seem bigger and more important than they actually are, but now that you know that… you can make a conscious effort not to take what you see and hear too seriously. If it’s not fun it’s not worth it.

Cancer- What looks confusing now will seem perfectly logical come the start of next week, so promise yourself that no matter what happens over the next two or three days you won’t let it worry you. That applies especially to money matters.

Leo- Like everyone you have secrets and one particular secret could be dangerous if other people get to know about it. Make sure you don’t say or do anything today that might give your opponents a clue as to what you’ve been up to.

Virgo-As today’s full moon occurs in the most sensitive area of your chart things you usually care less about will worry you. Provided you don’t act on those worries everything will be fine. Over the weekend you will realize it was all an illusion.

Libra– It may be annoying that someone is dragging their feet and generally making life hard for you but don’t make an issue of it. The full moon means you just have to accept that not everyone thinks or moves or acts as fast as you.

Scorpio– It seems you are having second thoughts about a career move. You want to move up in the world, of course, but is this the route you should be taking? Think about it but don’t make any decisions yet. Everything will be clearer next week.

Sagittarius– If you do things for others that they should be doing themselves… it won’t be long before they expect you to do it all. You need to be tough today. You need to let others know that they need to take more responsibility for themselves.

Capricorn-It seems you would rather go on making mistake after mistake rather than admit you are on the wrong track. Your fixity of purpose is often a great strength but not when you so obviously need to change direction. It’s time to get real.

Aquarius– Today’s full moon can either be a positive or a negative influence, depending on how you choose to react to people who annoy you. No matter what they do or say just smile and refuse to get angry. They’re really not worth the bother.

Pisces- What you have been doing is good but the way you have been doing it is bad and today’s full moon will in some way or other highlight that fact. It’s not too late to learn that the ends do not, as some fools claim, justify the means.