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February 19, 2014

Aries– You will receive advice from all directions today, making it difficult to work out who is and who is not making sense. Maybe you should shut yourself away for an hour or two and come to your own conclusions. Your inner voice knows best.

Taurus– You would be wise to keep your cash in your pocket today, because if you make one wrong move you may have to make several more to cover it up…and before you know what’s happening, it will be costing you a fortune. Play safe.

Gemini- It will pay for you to keep a low profile and wait for the effects of today’s Mercury-Saturn alignment to pass. That applies to all areas of your life, but especially to your work situation. Don’t be the one that sticks out and gets noticed!

Cancer- You may want to voice your feelings today, but is that really such a good idea? The planets warn you won’t do your cause any good if you let your resentments out for everyone to see. Act as if everything is fine — and it will be.

Leo- Steer clear of people who seem to enjoy talking about their worries and woes. It may make them feel good to feel bad, but it will bring you down from your high and spoil what might otherwise be a marvelous day. Be upbeat at all times.

Virgo– Someone who is jealous of your popularity will make life tough for you today, but they are unlikely to succeed. You are in one of those moods where negativity goes right over your head, and that will annoy them even more.

Libra– You might prefer to be honest but you will have to tell a little white lie today, the kind that keeps a friend from getting into serious trouble. A few days from now, when they realize what you did, they will thank you.

Scorpio– Avoid quick fixes and suspicious schemes today because they will cost you money. Anyone who approaches you with any of those once-in-a-lifetime, just-can’t-lose proposals must be shown the door. Make sure you bolt it after them.

Sagittarius– You must control your temper today, no matter how extreme the situation may be. It’s easier said than done, but it must be done or what starts as a minor dispute could quickly get out of hand. Avoid people who like to fight.

Capricorn- If you make a promise today, you will have to keep it, so think carefully before making any kind of commitment. With Mercury, planet of communication, under lots of pressure maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

Aquarius– What you are currently worrying about is not worth the time or the effort. A few days from now, you will look back and wonder how you could have gotten so worked up about something so trivial. Why not get wise to it now?

Pisces- The Sun is moving through your sign and you’re feeling on top of the world, but some negative news may dampen your mood just a bit. In the greater scheme of things, it’s of no real importance, so keep smiling.