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February 21, 2014

Aries– Even if you love surprises what happens today won’t necessarily meet with your approval, especially if the joke is on you. Think of all the times when you’ve been the prankster and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Taurus– Patience and a sense of humor are a must today. Something is about to happen that not only takes you by surprise but makes your plans redundant, which may actually annoy you. Something else you may need: a sense of perspective.

Gemini- Disruptions are likely across the board today but chances are you won’t be as unsettled as some people. The good news is that commotions tend to create new opportunities, so keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to act fast.

Cancer- Whatever activities you had lined up for the next 24 hours you may have to think again because unforeseen events will change everything. You may also have to let go of a creative or artistic idea you were attached to. It isn’t going to work.

Leo- You will discover something new about a friend or colleague today and although it may shock you a bit you will also be impressed. But don’t go telling everyone. It can still be private.

Virgo– Something dramatic will happen today and most likely you won’t be that impressed.  However, this is one surprise that can be turned in your favor. Someone else’s fall from grace could make things easier for you.

Libra– The next 24 hours may be a bit bumpier than usual but that’s okay because you are not the kind to panic. But you are the one to go out and spend money to make yourself feel better and that could be a huge mistake.

Scorpio–You need to confront a fear that has been holding you back and you need to do it now. A little bit of courage will take you a long way, maybe all the way to a new life and a new way of looking at and thinking about the world.

Sagittarius– Either you will change your mind and annoy other people, or they will change their minds and annoy you. Either way tempers are going to be a bit on the short side over the next 24 hours. Try not to say anything too emotionally damaging.

Capricorn- Don’t waste your time or your energy on someone who seems determined to get under your skin. You can be a bit obsessive at times and if you let this little feud go on it could develop into something quite dangerous. Just walk away.

Aquarius– Just because you see things in a clear and logical way does not mean other people do too. You will encounter someone today who is rather dull-witted. You have to accept that some people will never “get it”.

Pisces- Most things are going your way at the moment but Saturn, planet of restriction, is still holding you back from following your dream. Take it as a sign that you are not yet ready to make that dream a reality. It will happen when the time is right.