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February 24, 2014

Aries– Although you should be feeling good about yourself as the new week begins you are advised not to go over the top in any way or the consequences could be painful. Ask yourself some questions about the direction your life is heading.

Taurus– The line between fantasy and reality sometimes gets a bit blurred and there is a danger you could accidentally cross that line and do something foolish today. Make sure you learn from your mistakes.

Gemini- If you want to get noticed and move up in the world it won’t be long before an opportunity to do just that comes along. You’ll need to be strong so try getting your health and fitness routine in better shape.

Cancer- What happens over the next few days will introduce you to new ways of thinking and news ways of making sense of the world. What you discover will make you realize that a lot of what you were taught to believe was actually nonsense.

Leo- Focus on what you own and earn… and make sure you are getting paid the right amount for your considerable talents. If you allow yourself to be cheated out of small amounts now you will be cheated out of larger amounts later on.

Virgo– You are advised to take care this week as Mercury, your ruler, is still going through one of its difficult phases. Between now and Friday, when Mercury moves in your favor again, don’t take for granted that what you are being told is completely true.

Libra– Travel and social plans may have to be changed today as the planets bring to light information that casts doubt on other people’s motives. If you don’t feel 100 per cent sure they are on the same level then maybe you should stay at home.

Scorpio–The Sun in Pisces makes this is one of the best times of the year for you and when the Sun links with Jupiter next weekend you will get your reward for the efforts you have made. Between now and then be patient. Good things will come.

Sagittarius– Try to be more open with partners and loved ones as the new week begins. If you make the effort you will easily find the words that have been lacking these past few weeks – words that heal rifts that are no more than misunderstandings.

CapricornEven if you are the kind of Capricorn who too often lets your inhibitions get in the way of having fun you will enjoy yourself immensely over the next few days. Why not look up a friend you have not seen or talked to in a while?

Aquarius– You need to protect what you have gained, which is considerable. Common sense tells you that your winning streak can’t last forever and that if you carry on taking risks you could lose it all. Maybe it’s time to cash in some of those chips.

Pisces- This is very much your time of year – and a time to take risks. What happens around the time of the new moon on the 1st is sure to delight you but it will be so much better if you start making creative and romantic things happen now.