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February 25, 2014

Aries– There are a number of things you need to get rid of that are holding you back and stopping you from realizing your full potential. You know what they are and you know they must go. Now is the time to draw a line on the past.

Taurus– You need to find ways to further your ambitions while not appearing too pushy or too selfish. This may be a time of great uncertainty but it is also a time of great opportunity. Stay calm, stay focused and, above all, stay the course.

Gemini- You are going to have to make a difficult choice and what you decide will affect your life for months, maybe years, to come. Only you can make this choice but it’s got to be one thing or the other. The worst choice is no choice at all.

Cancer- The Sun in Pisces boosts your confidence and make it easier to take chances. Not that you should push your luck at every opportunity but you do need to be a bit more adventurous.

Leo- You seem to be in one of your more impulsive moods and that could lead to something good . . . or something bad. You will get yourself into some risky situations but you know how to get out of them too.

Virgo– Because the approaching new moon falls in the partnership sector of your chart you will find it easier to identify with and sympathize with other people’s worries. Help them if you can but don’t let their worries rub off on you.

Libra– Make sure you don’t get too close to a situation and lose your sense of perspective. You need to make a conscious decision to stand back from what you are doing and see the bigger picture – it’s always there for you if you know how to look.

Scorpio–It’s time to put your own interests first and start work on something you have been thinking about for weeks, months, maybe even years. This is an excellent day for creative activities, so put your doubts behind you and follow your dream.

Sagittarius– If a loved one demands more independence you must give it to them. You should know by now that the harder you try to control other people the more it hurts when they finally break away.

CapricornYou will get a lot out of social activities today, so make the effort to get out into the world. The more you allow yourself to engage with people, both friends and strangers, the more you will realize just how similar we all are.

Aquarius– If you want something enough you will find a way to get it, no matter how many obstacles are placed in your path. Whatever challenges you face you are big enough and tough enough to deal with them.

Pisces- Success is yours if you want it enough but that begs the question: DO you want it enough? Pisces is often a laidback sort of sign, so maybe you are happy taking each day as it comes. If so, that’s okay – you are who you are.