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February 27, 2014

Aries– It won’t be long before your mind is back in the groove – and your tongue will be pretty sharp as well. You will have a lot to say for yourself today but be careful that you don’t give away secrets to people who may be your rivals.

Taurus– According to the planets you could make some serious money, but first you need to get serious about your ambitions. Most of all you need to commit yourself to an objective that may take years to reach. Give it some thought.

Gemini- You will be challenged over the next few days, but there is no doubt that you will rise to the challenge and come through unharmed. Remember: rivals and competitors are more scared of you then you are of them.

Cancer- You will need to close your ears to criticism today. It doesn’t matter how good a job you do, someone will find mistakes in your methods or techniques. Ignore them and carry on as before. You’re bigger and better than they are.

Leo- Be careful what you ask for over the next two or three days because you are likely to get it. Why could that be a problem? Because the responsibilities that go with it could take away a lot of the fun. Only say it if you mean it.

Virgo– You will find you are a lot more emotional than usual today. But that could actually work in your favor, especially if you have not been too open about your feelings lately. Every now and then it’s good to let it all come out.

Libra– Do something unexpected. Be as outrageous as you please. No matter how far you push the limits, others will forgive you. But that’s only today. As of tomorrow, they won’t be so generous.

Scorpio–Keep your eye on the ball and keep your mind on what it is you are hoping to accomplish. If you can do that then you will succeed. The approaching new moon will give you added drive and dynamism.

Sagittarius– You don’t have to rely on other people. You are perfectly equipped to go it alone. You have high hopes for the future and will make quicker progress if you don’t have to worry about dragging others along behind you.

CapricornFor the past two or three weeks you have found it hard to get your thoughts together, which means progress has been slow, but now your mind will click into gear and you will soon be sailing along.  Don’t plan ahead, just act.

Aquarius– You don’t take risks often but when you do you go all the way. With that thought in mind you are advised to wait until the weekend to follow up on what you are planning. If you start too early you could lose it all.

Pisces- Be assertive and let everyone know that you intend to put your own needs first. This is your time of year and you have every right and every reason to be a little bit selfish. It’s for a good cause!