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February 28, 2014

Aries– As mind planet Mercury moves in your favor again today your attitude will change for the better and you will be more upbeat about your hopes and wishes. Anything is possible if you want it enough –be amazing!

Taurus– Keep telling yourself that you have what it takes and that you will succeed. If you say it enough you will start to believe it and when that happens all sorts of doors will suddenly open to you. It’s all about your mind.

Gemini- If you have something to say, something you know isn’t going to please some people, then say it now. Don’t worry about or even think about the consequences – your job is to call it as you see it, and you see more clearly than most.

Cancer- Be on the lookout for money-making opportunities but don’t go rushing after them the moment you spot them. As Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, turns direct again today you can afford to take your time and get it right.

Leo- A friend or loved one will speak their mind today and what they have to say will undoubtedly shock you. You never realized they could be so passionate, or so angry. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

Virgo– As from today you should find it easier to organize your daily routine and either get rid of or delegate jobs that take up a great deal of your time for very little rewards. Think clearly, take control and be decisive.

Libra– News you receive from afar will make you realize that what you have been worrying about in recent weeks is of no real importance. Creatively and romantically you must seize the initiative and make things happen.

Scorpio– It may annoy you that someone is saying things that are blatantly untrue but don’t let your anger show. The best approach is to pretend that you have not noticed and that you agree with every word they say. Then prove them wrong.

Sagittarius– Now that Mercury, planet of communication, is moving in your favor again you will find it much easier to express yourself. But don’t let everyone know what is going on in that big brain of yours. Never forget that knowledge is power.

CapricornDon’t reject what you hear just because it sounds outrageous. What seems amazing to you may be an everyday occurrence to other people, so let your mind be open to all possibilities. It doesn’t, of course, mean you have to agree with them.

Aquarius– Any self-doubts you have will start to fade today and with luck will be swept away completely by tomorrow’s new moon. Other people expect you to be confident and positive in your views and the last thing you want is to disappoint them.

Pisces- Now that Mercury, planet of the mind, is ending its retrograde phase your self-belief will soar. And with both a new moon and a wonderful Sun-Jupiter link over the next 48 hours this really could be one of the weekends of the year. Enjoy!