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March 3, 2014

Aries– The Sun links with power planet Pluto today, so it’s unlikely you will be in the mood to stay home and bake cookies. There is a world out there waiting to be conquered and you have both the talent and the ambition to be Number One.

Taurus– If you take a risk over the next 24 hours it will more than likely pay off.  Remember: no matter how powerful or how strong your rivals may be you have what they don’t – power and a total lack of fear.

Gemini- No matter what you turn your hand to over the next few days it will work out better than you expected, and because you expect nothing but the best of yourself that means you are going to accomplish something very special.

Cancer- Never doubt for a moment that you have what it takes to succeed. Never doubt that you belong at the top with the best. Today you will be inspired to believe that all things are possible.

Leo- The week ahead will be extremely busy but you’re ready for the challenges that will come your way – in fact you’re eager for them. Don’t wait for others to take the lead, take it yourself and inspire others to follow you.

Virgo– You may have to get tough with someone who has let you down but make sure you don’t let your anger take over because if you go too far you will lose your credibility. Virgos are supposed to be rational, not emotional.

Libra– You won’t stop moving and you won’t stop talking and you won’t stop impressing people with your ideas. Both at home and at work others will look up to you as the one person they can trust to see things as they really are.

Scorpio– How much confidence do you have in your abilities? Hopefully it’s a lot because there are going to be some big changes over the next few days – changes that affect you on a personal level.

Sagittarius– Some things are more difficult than others but this will be one of those days when everything comes easy to you. With the Sun linked to Pluto, planet of power, there is nothing you can’t do. So ask yourself: what do you WANT to do?

CapricornTry not to let your suspicious nature get the best of you over the next few days because there is very little you have to worry about. Pluto in your sign means others should be more afraid of you than you of them.

Aquarius– Remember that even an Aquarius has limits. It may feel as if you can take on the world and win, and maybe you can, but there is sure to be a downside, especially if you come on strong when you don’t have to.

Pisces- The world will see your passionate side today and even your close friends will be amazed at just how determined you are to change things. Those who thought you were all talk are about to realize just how wrong they were.