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March 7, 2014

Aries– Don’t be afraid to disagree with someone in a position of authority. You respect the fact that they outrank you but you also know that if you do as they say you will regret it. Put your needs first.

Taurus– You may be willing to change your plans to help someone out today but don’t let them, or anyone else, tell you that you are obliged to do so.  After today they must look out for themselves.

Gemini– You may be annoyed that a friend or family member failed to consult you before making a decision that affects you in some way, but don’t let it show. There are more important things you should be focusing on right now.

Cancer- The journey you have started on may be long and hard but you are determined to reach the end, and there is no doubt you will succeed. Believing in yourself is half the battle.

Leo– Don’t plan too far ahead because even routine matters are likely to change over the days, weeks and months to come. You also need to be a bit more flexible. Know when it is in your best interest to change course.

Virgo– It is possible to be too generous and at some point today you will realize that your sympathy for someone was misplaced. There is no point getting angry about it but try not to make the same mistake twice.

Libra– You have a tendency to fear the worst but your mood will lighten and you will be visualizing all sorts of wonderful things. That’s good. What’s in your mind’s eye today will be your reality tomorrow.

Scorpio– Someone you meet over the next two or three days will inspire you creatively and maybe romantically too. Will this new person stand the test of time? There is no way of knowing for sure but it will certainly be fun finding out!

Sagittarius– Someone will offer what sounds like good advice today but they are more likely to be thinking of their interests rather than yours. You don’t have to be told what to do. Listen to your inner voice – it knows what you need.

CapricornNo matter how well you have planned things there are sure to be hold-ups and disruptions today and over the weekend, so promise yourself that you won’t get angry with people who move and think slowly. Stay calm. You’ll get there.

Aquarius– You seem to be in two minds whether to push ahead quickly with a new plan or to hold back and see how things develop. The longer you wait the more likely others will get ahead of you.

Pisces– Someone you are fond of has made a silly mistake and is feeling bad about it. Give them an uplifting pep-talk and tell them to get on with it. It’s what they do next that counts.