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March 14, 2014

Aries–Something will happen today that has you jumping for joy. By all means make plans for your professional future but leave yourself some wiggle room in case you want to change your mind later.

Taurus– Use your imagination today. This is a great time for trying new things and adopting new methods, especially on the work front.  If you show you are able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, you could be up for a promotion.

Gemini– Your mind may be full of ideas but for the best results you need to focus on the two or three things that will be of most benefit to you. Your energy is limited, so invest it where it counts.

Cancer- Speak up and let the world know what you are thinking. Some very important people will be listening to what you have to say today and if they like what they hear it won’t be long before the offers start coming in.

Leo– Are you promising more than you can deliver? Your confidence is so high at the moment that the thought of failure does not cross your mind, which in turn makes success more likely.

Virgo–You will be tempted to take some kind of risk today and you may just pull it off. Don’t forget though that long-term success takes hard work and dedication.

Libra–If you feel the need to brag about your success then go right ahead. It’s not often you make a big noise about how well you have done, so every once in a while it’s okay. You certainly have lots to be proud of. Let everyone know.

Scorpio– This is a good day to take care of the little, everyday things that need doing, both at home and at work. Don’t set yourself any grand targets, just get the small stuff done and leave the grand design to sort itself out.

Sagittarius– You have so many options available to you now that it may be hard to know where to start. You should spend as much time as possible in social situations. New people you meet will bring new career and romantic opportunities.

CapricornIf someone tries to pressure you into doing something you don’t really approve of today then you must turn them down flat. You may owe them for favors they have done you in the past but your integrity comes first, even before friendship.

Aquarius– Your mind will move so quickly today that it may take a while for the rest of you to catch up! Be careful you don’t exhaust yourself – that can happen to your mind as well as your body.

Pisces– There are clear signs now that something you have dreamed of for months if not years is getting closer and very soon will be your reality. Remember: the more you believe that you deserve success the quicker success is likely to arrive.