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September 27th






ARIES-You've got to find people you can get along with -- though that could just mean your friends and family. It's important for everyone to be on the same page today, so communication is essential.

TAURUS- You feel a bit put out over today's weird news, but that just means that you've got to deal with your mood -- not change the world! Do something relaxing or take a day off, as you deserve it.

GEMINI- You discover something really exciting and new today -- and it may involve a shift in perspective. See if you can get your people to rally behind you as you figure out what has to come next

CANCER-You need to avoid conflict -- but it may come looking for you. It's all cerebral at first, so see if you can find a way to merge your ideas with those that seem to be contradictory. That can't last long

LEO- You can devise great solutions to common problems today -- but only if you are willing to change your behavior. It doesn't have to be totally radical, though that might actually help quite a bit

VIRGO- Someone needs your honest opinion -- but you still need to temper it somewhat. If you're just straight-up critical, you're unlikely to teach them, so sandwich the bad into praise for what's good.

LIBRA- Your social intuition is helping you figure out who needs what from you today -- and making it much easier to deal with their issues. It's a great time to re-balance your social world!

SCORPIO- Conflict is likely today, and you may need to back down if things start to get too fierce. That's not to say you lose, just that sometimes you have to choose your battleground carefully

SAGITTARIUS- You've got to forge a real connection today -- with a new romantic partner, a customer or maybe just a random stranger in a moment of shared humanity. It's sure to give you a boost that will last for quite some time!.

CAPRICORN- Your finances are much on your mind today -- so do something about them! You've got the talent and the ambition to make something better for yourself, but only if you take care of money stuff first.

AQUARIUS-Your bright ideas are catching on -- you may start a few new trends before the day is over! It's easy for you to figure out what needs to happen next, but maybe not so much to explain it to the world.

PISCES- Ease up on yourself -- you need a break! Someone close may inspire you to relax and just enjoy what you've got, as sometimes that is the best possible course of action. Things are sure to be okay!