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March 18, 2014

Aries– Put your heart and soul into what you are working on. No matter how much natural talent you may have and no matter how good you may be in a technical sense what makes you stand out from the crowd is your enthusiasm.

Taurus– Someone in a position of authority will ask you to do something extra for them today and if you are smart you will agree. You may not be in the mood to work harder but later you will look back and realize how much it benefited you.

Gemini– If you get the chance to travel today, even if it is just a few miles down the road, you must take it. The more you are on the move the more fun you will have.

Cancer- Listen to what your conscience tells you today and ignore anyone who gives you conflicting advice. Too much of what others say is based on fear, ignorance and wishful thinking… and is therefore of no lasting value. Listen to your heart.

Leo– Give partners and loved ones room to be themselves. If you try to restrict their movements you will succeed only in making them more rebellious.

Virgo–No matter how irritating certain people may be you must not let them get under your skin. On the work front, especially, you need to relax and let life happen.

Libra–You must be more adventurous. Both creatively and romantically you should take more chances than usual and believe that you deserve to succeed.

Scorpio– You are thinking too much about the past and not nearly enough about the future. Your task today is to switch your attention away from what was… and toward what could be – and your options really are unlimited.

Sagittarius–If there is something you want to tell the world, shout about it as loudly as you can. You’ve always had a huge ego and now you have a big voice to go with it. Make sure you get heard.

Capricorn– At some point today you will discover that your money situation is not as bad as you thought it was and that will cheer you up immensely. But it is not an excuse to go on a spree – that’s how you got so worried in the first place.

Aquarius–Believe that life is good and is getting better by the minute. Your thoughts, and your feelings, create the world you want to experience.

Pisces– If there is someone you have admired from afar but have been reluctant to approach, now is the time to let them know that you like them. According to the planets they may very well have feelings for you as well.