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March 19, 2014

Aries– If you make a wish over the next two or three days it may come true. With the Sun moving into your birth sign tomorrow, you are likely to get whatever you ask for.

Taurus– It will benefit you to keep your plans to yourself today. Whatever information you may have that others do not… you should treat it like gold. The less others know about what you are up to the more it will help you.

Gemini– No one dreams bigger than Gemini and if you play your cards right over the next few days there is a chance that some of those dreams will start to come true. The dividing line between fantasy and reality is quite narrow…so step over it.

Cancer- Important people are watching you closely, so make sure they like what they see. You will be energized and more ambitious than usual. Let the world know what you can do.

Leo– You may want to make an issue of something but before you do make sure the facts are on your side. Remember that it’s not enough to tell others that they are doing something wrong – they also need to be shown how to do it right.

Virgo– If your sixth sense tells you that something is not quite right you must listen to it and refrain from doing anything that might lead you down the wrong path. That applies to all areas, especially your long-term finances.

Libra– You should make more of an effort to get along with the people around you, even those you don’t like very much. Use your famous Libra charm to win them around.

Scorpio– You need to start thinking seriously about cutting back on the amount of work you are doing. The past few weeks have been a time of great activity and your momentum will keep you going for a while, but your body needs a break.

Sagittarius–No matter how difficult the past few weeks have been your affairs will improve dramatically from tomorrow on.   So cheer up and stop acting as if the world is about to come to an end.

Capricorn–You can finally get a hold of a family issue that has been causing you plenty of grief. Let loved ones know what you think and how you feel.  Invite them to be honest with you as well.

Aquarius–The more you are on the move over the next few days the more likely it is you will find answers to the questions you have been asking. You may not be thrilled by some of the things you learn but the truth is about facts, not feelings.

Pisces– Good news concerning your money situation will be coming your way over the next few days. You won’t get something for nothing but you will at least have more cash in your pocket. Spend it wisely.