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March 24, 2014

Aries–If you need assistance over the next few days you must ask for it. There is nothing heroic about keeping your pain to yourself. By all means be independent but why suffer when friends and family are ready and willing to help you?

Taurus- The omens are good for you now, so why do you still think that something bad is about to happen? What you need to realize is that if you think like that… you increase the chances that it will actually happen that way. Be positive.

Gemini– You must not stay cooped up at home. Get out and meet people – real people, not just the ones you see on television. They certainly want to meet you…so be social.

Cancer- You will be able to twist people around your finger today – no one will be immune to your charms. Is it right to use your talents in this way? Of course it is. All is fair in love, war and getting ahead in your career.

Leo– Don’t let anyone restrict your freedoms. You need to let those who would like to take away your right to think and speak for yourself know that you are not having it. In fact, you will fight them all the way.

Virgo– If you let fear get the better of you today you could miss out on something that would have been a lot of fun – and might even have made you a lot of money. You really have nothing to be anxious about, so take a few risks.

Libra–Where your feelings are concerned, you could be easily misled today. Others may try to manipulate you but that does not mean you have to make it easy for them.

Scorpio– Don’t be afraid to take a few risks on the work front this week. The planets indicate you need to be more adventurous with your methods and routines. Just be careful you don’t overdo it and damage your health.

Sagittarius– You will see someone you thought of as a rival in a new light today – they may actually be one of the best friends you’ve got. Like all friends they may sometimes tell you things you don’t want to hear – but it’s for your own good.

Capricorn– Creatively and romantically the sky is the limit this week…and you really should be on the move. Don’t let family duties hold you back. You are entitled to some time for yourself.

Aquarius–Let a friend who is feeling a bit down at the moment know you are there for them. Your warm words could be all it takes to get them smiling again and one small act of kindness could have a positive effect that transforms their life.

Pisces–You will most likely make a number of small gains over the next few days – which are then cancelled out by a number of small losses. Overall you won’t be out of pocket, so take the rough with the smooth and enjoy the journey.