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Horoscopes for October 4th






ARIES- Slow down and take today one step at a time. Things are looking good for you in many ways, but if you try to rush through your activities, things are likely to get pretty weird pretty fast!

TAURUS- You run into someone who’s quite enthusiastic — maybe even manic — about a topic or person of some importance, and you may get caught up in their energy. It’s great to have a focus for that!

GEMINI- Life is confusing on a day like today, and you might find that your energy is better spent on artistic and creative pursuits than on trying to get anything done. If you can just chill, so much the better!

CANCER- Your words are too easy to misinterpret today, so try to make sure that you’re keeping them simple. It’s a good time for you to speak plainly and speak to everyone as if they were the most important person in the world.

LEO- Someone needs you, though the odds are good that they can’t come out and say it. Turn on your intuition and see if you can get them to deal with whatever it is that’s keeping them from asking.

VIRGO- Your desires are out in the open right now, and that is how it should be. Others respect your show of ambition, and may help you by showing how to get where you need to be going.

LIBRA- You’re nostalgic, but it’s not the best place for you to be right now. See if you can get your energy to snap back to the present so you can find a new way to enjoy life in the moment

SCORPIO- Now is a great time for you to start a new arrangement with someone — a lease, a new job, even a marriage. Whatever you sign today carries extra weight and should work to your benefit.

SAGITTARIUS- Things are pretty weird right now — but that doesn’t mean that you need to freak out! Try to make sure that you’re dealing with everything as it arises, though anything you can put off for later should be delayed

CAPRICORN- You rack up an impressive achievement today — one that makes the competition (and your boss) sit up and take notice! If you’re off the clock, it might be a high score or a personal best of some kind

AQUARIUS- Resistance just tires you out today, and you may find that your energy is better spent on something more constructive. People do what they want to do, and you can help them clean up their messes later

PISCES- You might not see yourself as a leader, but today brings out the best in you. See if you can find a good way to gently guide those around you to do what’s right — it’s not so hard