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September 28th







ARIES-You need to lend a hand today -- someone really needs you, and you can get a lot more done helping others than you can on your own projects. It's one of those days when you're aiding, not leading.

TAURUS- Your deep emotional intuition is boosting your mind-reading powers today, and while you may not develop spooky ESP, you can still divine facts about those you know well. Listen and learn.

GEMINI- Can you speak clearly today? It's usually really simple for you, but right now you find it hard to force the words out in the right order. You may need to take a break from serious communication.

CANCER- You should have fun doing almost anything today, so see if you can find a friend to share all this great energy with. You score points, they show you some new ways to make your life sweeter.

LEO- You should avoid trying to get much done today -- except for creative work, that is! Your energy is better spent puttering with paint or poetry than dealing with inventories or spreadsheets.

VIRGO- You can't really cope with the details today -- and that's usually your specialty! Try to pass them off on someone else, but the odds are that you're just going to have to deal with them in the future.

LIBRA-You're keeping up with your yoga, right? You need to be as flexible as can be today -- mentally, physically and even spiritually -- if you want to keep up with the twists and turns the day provides.

SCORPIO-  You can make things happen today that nobody could have seen coming a week or month ago. Your great energy makes it simpler than ever to shake things up and really deliver the goods.

SAGITTARIUS- You've got good people all around you, and you need to make sure that you're better able to just listen and let them lead. One of them has a long story that seems boring at first, but starts to get really interesting.

CAPRICORN- Let loose your social vibe and make sure that you're mixing it up with new people today. You are sure to meet at least one new person who really connects with you, and makes it simpler to take the next step.

AQUARIUS- Reach out and lend a hand to that one person in your life who drives you absolutely insane -- even if they aren't asking! It should do you some good, and they may turn over a new leaf.

PISCES- Go big today -- you need to make sure that you're dealing with people who know your needs and can accommodate them. That might not be easy, but your energy is so great that you can make it work.