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March 27, 2014

Aries– Hopefully you will see solutions today where before you saw only problems. That applies to all areas of your life but especially to money matters and business issues that involve other people. Together you can make a profit and have fun.

Taurus- Do you get involved in feuds between friends or do you keep your distance? Don’t be silly and stand between them and try to keep the peace. If you do, quite probably they will gang up on you.

Gemini–If you can get someone else to do some of your chores for you today then go for it. You have more important matters to take care of and you may not have much energy to spare.

Cancer- Others can sense your self-confidence and because of that…. they want to do things for you.  It will certainly give you more time to work on a creative project that should be finished very soon.

Leo– If you need help over the next 24 hours then just ask for it. If you wait for others to realize that you need assistance chances are you will never get it – not because they don’t care but because they can’t read your mind.

Virgo– You will find it easy to express yourself today and others will find it easy to understand you. If you are involved in a creative pursuit of some kind this is also a good time to impress important people with your skills.

Libra– You will hear something to your benefit today but your suspicious nature could hold you back from taking advantage of it. Unless there is evidence that someone is trying to trick you then you must take a chance.

Scorpio– You will find it easy to work out what is going on in someone’s mind today, which in turn will help you decide what you should do next. You have a knack for seeing the kind of body language that other people miss.

Sagittarius–It’s not like you to take a time out but you may do so over the next 24 hours. You have important issues to decide on and you won’t think straight if there is too much noise going on around you.

Capricorn– No matter how busy you may be work wise at the moment you must make an effort to free up some time to spend with your friends and your family. They are the people who really matter.

Aquarius– A remark you toss out into a conversation may not be meant in a negative way but that’s how one person may take it. If they do seem offended let them know right away that you meant no harm by it. Don’t lose a friend over something trivial.

Pisces– Something will happen today that makes you wonder if there is more going on behind the scenes than you suspected. Make it your business to find out why certain people are acting so strangely – and use what you discover for your own advantage.