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March 28, 2014

Aries– You will make your presence felt today, especially on the work front where you believe you are worthy of bigger and better things. You are entitled to be treated with respect – so make sure you get it.

Taurus- The planets will give you the confidence to step into the spotlight and let important people know what you are capable of. Don’t worry that they might think you are being too pushy because that’s just what they are looking for.

Gemini–Money matters and career issues are under good influences today, so be brave and make the first move if you feel there is cash to be made or a promotion to be won. Success will be yours if you have the courage to reach out and take it.

Cancer- Today you won’t hesitate to call it as you see it. Some people may be shocked that you are so outspoken but you won’t care in the slightest – in fact you’ll be pleased.

Leo– If someone suggests that you need to prove your commitment to them then maybe you should reconsider the status of your relationship. As far as you are concerned it is a partnership of equals.

Virgo– You are in a rebellious mood at the moment and may do something that shocks both your friends and your enemies. Too many people have been taking you for granted so do something that shakes them up a bit.

Libra– You will know immediately if someone is lying to you today. Whether or not you let them know you are not fooled is up to you. It may benefit you to play dumb.

Scorpio– Reach out to someone you have not seen or heard from in a while and get together. Not only will you have plenty of gossip to catch up on – you may find your long-term plans coincide quite nicely too.

Sagittarius– You may be a rebel by nature but this is not a good time to rock the boat. Instead, find out what assistance friends and family members need and do what you can to help them realize their goals.

Capricorn– You have the courage that is needed to get things done and today and over the weekend you will push yourself harder than you have done for a long time. But it’s not just about physical effort – think harder, and deeper, too.

Aquarius– An investment you made a while back will pay off today and looking back you will be glad you had the sense to act on what your inner voice told you. What it’s telling you now is to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away.

Pisces– Today you will let certain people know where they have been going wrong. But don’t just say the words – show them in a practical way how they can make things right again.