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March 31, 2014

Aries– What some people say and what they mean will be two entirely different things today. Because of that it’s okay to be a bit suspicious but don’t go treating everyone as if they are trying to cheat you.

Taurus- You may be more robust than many but some people are ridiculously sensitive and you would be wise to keep that fact in mind today. If you want to get things done, be sure to say nice things.

Gemini–Think with your head, not with your heart. The most important thing is that you avoid making the kind of silly mistakes that so many other people make. Be rational and always put practical considerations first.

Cancer- If there is a creative project you have been struggling to finish, the next four or five days will be critical.  Either give it your all and get it done or give up on it altogether and move on to something new.

Leo– Your dominant position will be challenged over the next few days and you will have to fight hard to retain your status. Anyone who thinks you will roll over and give up obviously does not know you too well.

Virgo– You are advised to hold fire and not be too pushy over the next 24 hours. No matter how ambitious you may be there is only so much you can do in a day, so conserve your energy for when you need it most.

Libra– You would be wise to let friends and colleagues express their opinions today, even if they clash with your own. In the future you are going to need their assistance, so try not to turn them against you.

Scorpio– If you take a negative view of what is going on you may get stuck in a bad mood that is hard to shift. Make a conscious mental and emotional effort to look on the bright side today – it’s always there.

Sagittarius– There is something that needs to be done as a matter of urgency. The longer you leave it the more you will have to rush things when you do eventually get started and that could lead to mistakes.

Capricorn– Find a nice quiet place where you can switch off from the world around you and get your thoughts together. Remember that if you want to find peace in your life as a whole you first need to find it in your own heart and head.

Aquarius– If you want to convince authority figures that you know what you are talking about then you must back up your opinions with facts. If you can’t do that convincingly then maybe it would be best if you just stayed quiet today.

Pisces– A little cooperation will go a long way today, especially as so many people seem to be looking for excuses to start a fight. Victory does not always go to the bravest or the brightest – sometimes it goes to those who get themselves organized.