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April 1, 2014

Aries– The more others try to make you change your mind about something the more you must dig in your heels and refuse to be moved. You know what is right and what is wrong, so make your own decision and stick to it.

Taurus- There is no point getting worked up over something you can’t do much about. While you may not be able to change things on a social or political level you can change things on a personal level. Be a better person.

Gemini–Something you have been worrying about for quite a while will fade today and that’s good. But is the cause of the worry actually gone or has it merely faded into the background? You need to find out.

Cancer- If someone you have feelings for seems unresponsive today don’t think it means you are drifting apart. Most likely they just need to spend some time by themselves for a while to think things through.

Leo– You may want to be friends with everyone but you need to be cautious. The fact is there are some people who you will never get along with because you are on different emotional and intellectual levels.

Virgo– Others will be generous with you if you are generous with them. Let friends and colleagues know you are willing to work alongside them not just for your benefit but for the benefit of everyone. Teamwork is essential.

Libra– There may be a thousand and one things you want to do today but you must not take on too much. Get partners and loved ones to do more things for you – they will if you ask nicely.

Scorpio– Some of what you hear over the next 24 hours may be less than complimentary… but in the greater scheme of things it is of no real importance, so don’t let it upset your equilibrium.

Sagittarius– You may hear something about your money situation that brings a smile to your face today but don’t be too hasty. The planets warn there is a chance you are being misled, so don’t go on a spending spree.

Capricorn– Something you have been working on for quite some time needs to be left alone for a while. You are so involved with it that other areas of your life are being neglected. Time to balance things out again.

Aquarius– There is no point getting annoyed about things that are beyond your control.  So why are you allowing what everyone agrees is a quite minor event to cause major shockwaves in your life? Get over it – now.

Pisces– You have some important personal issues to deal with, so let your friends know they may be seeing less of you for a while. Get your emotional life in order first, then go out and have fun with your friends.