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April 3, 2014

Aries– Make sure you are properly rewarded for your efforts, especially on the work front where others may try to give you less than you deserve. You don’t have to be aggressive about it but make sure you get what you are worth.

Taurus- The planets will make it easy for you to complete a task that needs to get out of the way as soon as possible. If you focus all your energy in a single direction today there is no telling what you might accomplish.

Gemini– Call it as you see it today and don’t worry what the reaction might be. Not everyone will be pleased that you are so open about the issues and so free with your opinions but that’s their fault for backing ideas that are so easily disproved.

Cancer- Try not to get angry with people who drag their feet or can’t make up their minds as quickly as you do. If you want to get things done you will either have to go it alone or make alliances with those who share your hunger for success.

Leo– You seem to be working harder than ever lately but are you working for yourself or are you working for other people? If the answer is for other people - you will need to make some changes.

Virgo– If there is someone you would like to know better, let them know you are interested. If you make the right sort of move now it could be the start of a beautiful friendship – and maybe much more!

Libra– Give partners and loved ones your support today, even if you have good reason to criticize. Whatever they may have done and how it may have affected you, it was an honest mistake, so don’t make a big deal of it.

Scorpio– A relationship that has gone through some difficult times can be repaired but first you must ask yourself if that is what you truly desire. You may even be thinking of ending it once and for all.

Sagittarius– A new business venture can be a success but to make it work you will need to give everything to it.  Is it worth the time and energy?  You will have to make that decision very soon.

Capricorn– If you believe in yourself and work diligently towards a well-defined goal there is no reason why your name should not be up in lights – and your bank balance blessed by a large sum of cash.

Aquarius– You must resist the temptation to go to extremes. If you overstep the mark either at home or at work you could end up paying a very high price. Know your limits and stay within them.

Pisces– If you want something today there is every chance that someone will give it to you – but you have got to ask them directly. If you try dropping hints chances are they won’t understand, so spell it out for them.