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Horoscopes for October 5th






ARIES- You need to show others the way today — your mental energy helps you see shortcuts and opportunities where others only see confusion. Make sure that your people are paying attention

TAURUS- You have every right to be upset with the way things have been going today — but your energy is wrong for confronting the weirdness. They’re just trying to get you to freak out, anyway.

GEMINI- You are finding it much easier to get along with people who might not share much in common with you — even a language! Your great social energy makes it simple to understand almost everyone.

CANCER- You can’t win an emotional argument today — not because you’re wrong, but because people are focusing on their left brains today. If you push their rational buttons, you can come out ahead.

LEO- You need to let go a little! Someone is pushing you hard, it’s true, but you can still find a way to relax and let life coast along without having to make a big deal out of every little thing

VIRGO- Try to shake things up a little — even if it’s just in the way you sort your papers or make your lunch. Little things can yield huge improvements today if you’re willing to experiment

LIBRA- Your ability to work miracles is waxing today, so make the most of it! Use your creative energy to make life easier for your people or to make life more pleasant for yourself. It’s your call!

SCORPIO- Things need a big change — and fast! You’re more comfortable with slow, deep shifts, but every now and then, you know that the situation demands something quicker and more to the point. Go for it!

SAGITTARIUS- You can make all sorts of new connections today, thanks to your amazing creative energy! Make sure that you get your people to try whatever it is you’re doing to inspire yourself!

CAPRICORN-Your plans might not go as well as you had hoped today — unexpected issues are sure to pop up. If you’ve got any flexibility, you should be able to maneuver yourself out of trouble

AQUARIUS- You shouldn’t worry about your ambition — in fact, you should cultivate it! Your great energy today makes it easier than ever for you to advance your own agenda, so make sure you’re out there!

PISCES- Your wisdom is indisputable — but it’s not always accessible! Today, you should be able to bust out with a few sage words to those in need, but it is entirely up to them what to do with the advice.