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October 1st





ARIES- You need to take action today -- it's in your blood! You can't help but feel engaged with the world and maybe a little excited as you use this terrific energy to make your dreams come true!

TAURUS- Try not to overspend today -- though it is incredibly easy to do just that. You may feel rushed or stressed out, but you need to keep a positive balance in your bank account to avoid making it worse

GEMINI-You've got people looking out for you now -- so make sure you're paying attention! You may need to listen carefully when advice comes your way, as it may go against your instincts.

CANCER- Your quick thinking is making life sweeter and more exciting for those around you -- and you may save yourself a lot of hassle as well! Don't be shy about speaking up even if it's not really your turn.

LEO- You are in the middle of a learning process -- and you love it! Your great mental energy is just right for the new information coming your way now, and you may be just starting out!

VIRGO- You feel reborn in some way -- or maybe recommitted to an older belief you thought you had given up. Now is the time to find a true sense of purpose and make the most of it!

LIBRA- Today is all about your relationships -- your friends, your family and anyone else important to you. Make sure that they know how you are feeling and that you're showing them what's what.

SCORPIO- Your helpful side is on display today, and you can feel the karma starting to accrue! It's a good time to volunteer for an organization you believe in, or just to find good deeds that need to be done.

SAGITTARIUS- Your energy levels are maxed out today -- and you feel like you can get practically anything done! Go for it, as today is the best time to initiate new projects and make things happen.

CAPRICORN-You need to balance your work and family lives today -- hard as that may be. It could just mean calling home frequently, or it could involve blowing off something that seems important

AQUARIUS- Your big plans and ideas are finding new converts almost every time you open your mouth -- so keep talking! It's a good time for you to step up and take things to the next level

PISCES- You feel totally absorbed in today's big news -- so much so that you can hardly focus on anything else! That's okay, as you are going to have to adjust your work to others' achievements soon enough