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April 7, 2014

Aries–You are about to embark on one of the best times of the year for ideas and communication. Anything of a creative or artistic nature will go well for you over the next few days. Remember to be great.

Taurus- Sometimes you can be a bit spontaneous in your attitude but you need to be more respectful if you want to get ahead. In everything you say and do try to work out how other people are likely to take it.

Gemini– Don’t worry too much about your work and worry even less about your money situation – focus entirely on friendships and having fun.  You should be on the move as well.

Cancer- Something you have been worrying about for ages will no longer bother you. The situation itself may not have changed much but your attitude towards it has: you simply no longer care if others think you are a success or a failure.

Leo– Get out and about. Do something different and exciting. This is a great time to take the kind of break where you get away from routines and challenge yourself to have as much fun as is humanly possible.

Virgo– If you need financial assistance now is a good time to ask. Friends and family will do what they can to help you out of a tricky situation but they will also want to be sure you won’t go and get yourself into a similar situation again.

Libra– Where there were so many misunderstandings before… you will now be aware of how much certain people mean to you and why minor differences of opinion are of no importance at all. Be friends with everyone.

Scorpio– You need to recharge your physical, mental and emotional batteries so don’t make too many plans for the next few days. If you can find ways to pamper yourself or get loved ones to pamper you, go for it.

Sagittarius– Don’t worry if you are not feeling on top of the world at the moment because it’s just a matter of time before your mood improves. Hopefully you’re smiling already.

Capricorn– Turn on the charm and make sure you get your way. Remember too that the best way to get other people to agree with you is to appeal to them on an emotional level. Facts and figures are important, but it’s feelings that tip the balance.

Aquarius–You will find it much easier to get your message across today and that’s good because you have plenty to say. Your way with words will help you to persuade others that you know what you are talking about.

Pisces– Good news about your money situation will improve your mood today. But that does not mean you have an excuse to go on a spree. If you do come into extra cash you must use it to pay off what you still owe.