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April 10, 2014

Aries– Take extra care when dealing with anything of a legal nature and make sure you get promises in writing. No matter how much you may trust people you don’t know what mental, emotional or financial pressures they are under.

Taurus- This may not be an easy time of year for you but you can sense that the day will soon be here when your luck turns for the better. Maybe that day will come sooner if you act as if nothing could go wrong.

Gemini– It might be a good idea to tone down your comments a bit because if you say something others consider to be over the top it will rebound on you in ways you had not expected. Today don’t say too much.

Cancer- You may want to help those less fortunate than you but think twice before volunteering for a task you know very little about. Others may be impressed by your enthusiasm but they won’t be so impressed if you make a mess of the job.

Leo– Try not to expose yourself to any kind of situation where you do not have full control over what happens. Your confidence may be high but that will not protect you from people who do not share your sense of fair play.

Virgo– You seem to have a phobia about something that normally doesn’t worry you. This sense of fear and uncertainty may continue for a few days– but come the start of next week you’ll be all smiles.

Libra– Make sure you know what you are talking about today, especially if you are dealing with people who are experts of some sort. If you make claims that cannot be backed up with facts they won’t hesitate to make you look silly.

Scorpio– For some strange reason you are filled with self-doubt and seem to believe you do not have the talent to be a success. That simply isn’t true. Get your head straight and get on with making your mark on the world.

Sagittarius– You have a tendency to say things you don’t really believe simply because you enjoy seeing the look of shock on other people’s faces. It may be fun but it could backfire. Try laughing with people, not just at them.

Capricorn– You can be a bit sarcastic at times and your sharp way with words could have long-term consequences that damage not only others but you as well. Ask yourself if your words hurt or heal.

Aquarius–You may not get much in the way of thanks for a good deed today but that’s okay. The world would be a sad place if we only ever did favors for others because we expected to get something back in return.

Pisces– Try not to get angry or frustrated if a goal you are aiming to reach seems to be further away than ever. There is a reason for everything that happens in life and for everything that does not happen.