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April 11, 2014

Aries–Today, you could give away too much information about yourself. Be generous with your time and, if you can afford it, with your money too but keep your secrets to yourself.

Taurus- Why are you trying to swim against the tide when you know it’s a battle you are destined to lose? You may not agree with the way things are going but common sense says you have no choice but to go with it.

Gemini– Someone you have always thought of as a rival will surprise you today by being not just friendly but also open and honest on a personal level. It is not a trick – they genuinely like you and want you to like them.

Cancer- If you want to make a success of something you must get assistance. You have taken it as far as you can on your own, now you must share the load with others. It may be your baby but don’t be possessive.

Leo– Over the next week or so you will find yourself thinking more and more about your career and your long-term ambitions. The need to make money may be a motivating factor but the most important thing is that you do something you love.

Virgo– You seem to be on everyone’s good side, which for some crazy reason makes you suspicious. The simple fact is some people like you for who you are, so stop being negative and start enjoying the attention.

Libra– If you say something you know to be untrue today the planets warn you will be caught, much to your embarrassment. There is absolutely no reason why you should lie or give false information.

Scorpio– You may not understand why so many people are singing your praises at the moment but you must have done something to warrant being the center of attention. Don’t waste time thinking about it – milk the applause for all it’s worth.

Sagittarius–You may be on top of your game at the moment but a week or so from now your energy may dip a bit, so don’t make too many plans and certainly don’t take on any more chores. If anything, you need a rest.

Capricorn– Something unexpected will happen today and because you like everything to be in the right place, chances are you will be thrown out of your stride. Good. It’s not healthy to get too set in your ways.

Aquarius–The more open and outgoing you have been in recent weeks the more you need to spend some time by yourself now. This is a time both for thinking and for coming to terms with your feelings.

Pisces– You may have to take a detour of some kind today – you will reach your chosen destination eventually, so don’t be impatient. It’s what you see, hear, and feel along the way that makes the journey worth taking.