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Horoscopes for October 6th




ARIES- Your leadership skills are much in demand today — so show folks how it’s done! At least one person needs to feel important, too, so make sure they get a role that matches their skills and energy.

TAURUS- Try not to worry too much about how strange things get today — it should all sort itself out in a few days at the most. In fact, things could start to get quite a lot better before you can list your complaints!

GEMINI- You meet someone new today who spins your head around. It could be romantic, but it’s somewhat more likely that you run into the next person who is set to change your life in a big way.

CANCER- Try to be more flexible when it comes to new situations — as they are coming quickly! Your energy is just right for adaptation and going with the flow, as hard as that sometimes can be.

LEO- You need to think way outside the box — so far that you end up in a different time zone, preferably! Your mental energy needs to stretch to its limit; once it does, all should be well.

VIRGO- Someone is making big mistakes — but they need constructive criticism, not just snarky zingers. Make sure that they get your respect for their efforts even if you think the whole thing is a waste of time.

LIBRA- Your great social energy pretty much guarantees a fun day for you — so make the most of it! You can share the good times or you can go off on your own for a well-deserved vacation.

SCORPIO- You need to deal with a touchy family situation — even if it would be easier to ignore it. A parent or older relative is making life hard for themselves, and only you can break the cycle.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to branch out from your usual haunts and try somewhere new — you might find your next favorite place. It’s a really good idea for you to grab a friend and go exploring tonight.

CAPRICORN- Your thinking about the future is clearer than usual right now, so you ought to be able to come up with something good if you plan ahead. Today might not be so great, but it gets better soon.

AQUARIUS- Your vision of the future is easier than ever to communicate, so make sure you’re talking it up! At work, at home, with friends — everyone needs to hear from you, so keep talking until the sun sets.

PISCES- Your thoughts are out of control today — so make sure that you’re not in a place that demands focus. If so, you may want to just ease back a bit and see if others pick up the slack.