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April 15, 2014

Aries– There seems to be a barrier of some kind between you and other people. Don’t worry. The cosmic tide will turn. It won’t be long before you are back on the same wavelength.

Taurus- Are you working more for other people than you are for yourself? If so then it’s time to get a grip on the situation. Let those who are taking advantage of your generous nature know that this is as far as it goes.

Gemini– The planets warn you must not pretend that certain things are true when they clearly are not – it could be a costly mistake. If you must take a risk at least wait until the effects of the current eclipse fade towards the end of the week.

Cancer-You need to spell out in plain and simple language what it is you expect of other people. Both at home and at work misunderstandings are likely today, so take your time and make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.

Leo– By all means listen to what friends and family members have to tell you but don’t think for a moment it’s all true. Act on the assumption that you have not yet heard the whole story. Use your intelligence to fill in the gaps.

Virgo– Be extra careful when dealing with money matters and business issues. Anything that sounds too good to be true most likely is, so don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you and check out everything you hear.

Libra– Today’s lunar eclipse is sure to confuse things and make you more emotional than usual, so promise yourself now that no matter what happens you won’t get upset about it. In a matter of days it will all be forgotten.

Scorpio– Whatever happens today, good or bad, you must treat it as if it’s of no real importance in the greater scheme of things. Remember that if you allow feelings to guide you then your fears will most likely take over.

Sagittarius– Don’t think too hard about something that appears illogical – it will only scramble your brains even more than they are already! A number of strange things are likely to happen but none of them can do you harm.

Capricorn– Today it is best to keep your plans to yourself. You don’t have to be dishonest about what you are up to but it will pay you to be indirect. Others have no right to know about your aims and ambitions.

Aquarius– This is still a pretty good time for you but you need to take care, especially when socializing and traveling. If you do too much there is a danger you could exhaust yourself – and you’ll still have all those chores to finish.

Pisces– You may not be dishonest by nature but you will be tempted to cut corners in some way today – and that could be a big mistake. Any small gains you make by using underhand methods will be wiped out by big losses later on.