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April 16, 2014

Aries– There is no point trying to get the approval of partners and colleagues for what you are planning. Either push ahead on your own or wait until they are in a more receptive frame of mind.

Taurus- Refuse to get uptight about the little things that sometimes go wrong. Both at home and at work it will seem as if people are deliberately letting you down but the truth is everyone is just a bit confused at the moment.

Gemini– The only way you are going to move forward with a project is if you get the backing of people who can help you overcome the obstacles you are going to face. Give it another day or two before you approach them – then they’ll say “yes”.

Cancer-It simply isn’t worth wasting your time and your energy fighting about something that means nothing to you. Later on in the month you will get the chance to battle for a worthwhile cause, but for the time being keep your distance.

Leo– You may have to defend what you believe in today, and you should do so with every weapon at your disposal. Don’t ever forget that you are as entitled to your viewpoints and opinions as other people are to their own.

Virgo– This is still not a good time for making decisions to do with money, property or investments. If you wait it out, you may find that what you thought was a good deal was in fact nothing of the sort.

Libra– Colleagues have the upper hand at the moment and you need to accept that. There are powers in the world that cannot be beaten by either charm or force of personality, of which you have plenty. Stay calm and let things just happen.

Scorpio– No matter how eager you may be to begin something you believe will bring you fame and fortune, it might be best to wait a bit. The Sun’s change of signs at the weekend could lead to a change in your priorities.

Sagittarius–You will succeed a lot quicker if you get help from people who share your ambitions. Teamwork is the way to move forward and that, of course, means compromise. You know you can do it!

Capricorn– You may have to own up to a wrongdoing of some sort today but the moment you do you will feel a lot better for it. You have been carrying a lot of burdens lately, not least the burden of a guilty conscience.

Aquarius– If you feel the need to go out and have a good time then do so and don’t feel guilty about it. Put your troubles behind you and do whatever makes you feel glad to be alive. Life is supposed to be fun.

Pisces– You seem to be a bit reckless and if yesterday’s eclipse somehow failed to remind you that’s not a good thing to be then today’s Mars-Mercury link most certainly will. Don’t ignore warnings from your subconscious mind.