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Horoscopes for October 7th





ARIES- You like to blaze trails — but on a day like today, your leadership skills are better used to get other people organized. You ought to be able to make a great plan come together.

TAURUS- You are feeling caught in the middle of something really big — so big that you might want to pull back and ask for help. Try not to worry too much about whether or not you’re in the right.

GEMINI- You should find it easier to change other people’s minds today — though there’s no need to do so for its own sake! If you need to win an argument, you can do it, but try to stick to the bare bones.

CANCER- Your relationship with money is on the line today — so do something about it! You’re not in the mood, most likely, but you can almost certainly make a positive difference with a little effort.

LEO- Your answers are likely to be thoughtful today — and you may be able to look around the corner and spot some good solutions to some upcoming problems. It’s a good time to regroup.

VIRGO- Every now and then you need to reorganize just to see if things could be better some other way — and now is the time to go for it! Good ideas are floating through your mind, so grab one and run with it.

LIBRA- It’s hard for anyone to feel bad around you today — your aura of positive energy just makes them all warm and fuzzy inside! It’s a great day to end grudges or to make amends for past mistakes

SCORPIO- Your domestic situation needs a change — though that most likely does not mean you need to take off on your own! A simple redecoration or remodel should be enough to keep you happy

SAGITTARIUS- Your social energy is much more relaxed and better at making others feel welcome and comfy. It’s a great time to host a party or to find new ways to meet people when you go out and about.

CAPRICORN- Try to shake things up a bit — but only a bit! Your energy is great for making small changes and taking small steps, but not for making the bold leaps that those around you seem to be making.

AQUARIUS- Don’t worry about whether everyone is listening to you — the right people are, for sure. Your great mental energy attracts them like iron filings to a magnet, and your patterns are much prettier!

PISCES- This is not the best time for taking tests or doing massive paperwork — you’ve got too much on your mind to focus too intensely on any one thing! Try to just deal with whatever feels most pressing.