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April 23, 2014

Aries–You know what you want…so now it’s about how you are going to get it. If your plans are being held back by a lack of cash, what happens today and tomorrow will help – but ultimately the effort must come from you.

Taurus- Today your mood will be much better. The next three weeks or so are potentially the best of the year for you, so take full advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.

Gemini– Your feelings may be a bit fragile over the next 24 hours, so steer clear of situations that are challenging and stay away from people who are rude and insensitive. Some days it is necessary to restrict yourself to your own company.

Cancer- Don’t try to solve other people’s problems all by yourself. Be generous by all means, but recognize that the only way friends and colleagues will find answers to their issues is by looking for them themselves.

Leo– You will no longer be able to kid yourself about what is and is not possible, especially on the career front. It’s time to get serious about your ambitions.

Virgo– This is one of the best times of the year for you and it will get even better over the next few days as you are open to new possibilities. You may have to travel far to find happiness but you’ll do whatever it takes.

Libra– Whatever it is that you fear, you need to put a name to it because only then will you be able to face it and conquer it. Most likely you have been worrying for no good reason but even if your anxieties are valid they don’t have to be such a big deal.

Scorpio– It may feel as if you have no control over what is going on in your life but that simply isn’t true. Perhaps you have allowed certain people to dictate to you what you can and cannot do. It’s time to make it clear that enough is enough.

Sagittarius– While everyone else is running around as if the end of the world is near, you will be the picture of tranquility. You may have no idea what is going on but there are times when ignorance is not a bad thing.

Capricorn– You may not be the most flexible but it will pay you to make an effort to adapt today. You have a great deal going for you at the moment but to make the most of it you need to be less set in your ways.

Aquarius– You will learn something to your advantage over the next 24 hours but if you are smart you will keep it to yourself for now. Knowledge is power and what you find out about a situation could be beneficial both personally and financially.

Pisces– Sometimes it’s good to get away from your duties and chores and lose yourself in activities you really enjoy. The time is now. It will be easy for you to have a good time because you no longer feel guilty about it.