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October 4th






ARIES- You're not moving at your typical quick pace today, which could mean almost anything -- you could be getting sick or you could be distracted by some weird news that comes in this morning. It gets better soon!

TAURUS- Your interpersonal relationships are picking up steam in a big way, and that could mean that you're ready for an upgrade of some kind. Friends become besties, and flirts may start to get serious.

GEMINI- You have got to focus today -- something big is depending on it! If you can find a way to push aside social concerns and just deal with the big issues in front of you, all should be well.

CANCER- Your charm is as strong as ever, and you may be able to get others to see things your way with ease. It's a really good time for you to tackle thorny social situations and see what comes of them.

LEO- You are feeling quite stubborn today -- and for you, that's saying something! It may be hard for you to let go of preconceived notions or let others take the reins, but you should probably try to do just that.

VIRGO- Travel is much on your mind right now, so make sure that you can deal with whatever obstacles may yet remain to your next big trip. If you are actually out there right now, you're sure to have a blast!

LIBRA- Your cultural interests are dominant today, so take in a show, check out some new art online or just wander around a neighborhood that sees things a little differently than you are used to.

SCORPIO- You are facing a rare opponent who can match you step for step -- so be wary! The good news is that you can draw them into a long game that is sure to favor you, as time is on your side.

SAGITTARIUS- Your left brain is dominant today, and you can analyze the tiniest details of almost anything. Make sure that you find a way to communicate your results to those with the power to act

CAPRICORN- Your inner child is dominant today, so make the most of it and have fun! You should be able to get others energized and find new ways to do almost anything. If you've actually got kids, so much the better!

AQUARIUS- You just can't get interested in today's big news -- sometimes, you need to let the world do its own thing while you work out all the kinks in your own plans and ideas. Close your door and get to work!

PISCES- Does your love life need a boost? You should find that people look your way all day long, and if you're seeing someone special, things may get pretty intense -- in a good way, of course -- by tonight.