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April 24, 2014

Aries–Some things are worth worrying about and some things are not. Chances are material things like money and possessions won’t mean as much to you over the next 24 hours as they usually do, and that’s good.

Taurus- You can’t help but make a good impression – your easygoing, friendly manner makes you very likable. Be careful you don’t attract so many new friends that you neglect the people in your life who really matter.

Gemini– You don’t need anyone’s blessing or approval for what you are planning to do. All you need is the confidence to begin and the courage to follow through and finish the job. And now is the best time to start.

Cancer- Your confidence is high at the moment and will rise even higher over the next few days. Friendships and group activities are under excellent stars, so get out into the world and see and be seen.

Leo– You will make friends with the right sort of people and there is no telling where that might lead. Get to know some VIPs – and very soon you’ll be one yourself.

Virgo– You want to take a trip but have no valid reason for traveling. So what? Let your impulses guide you. You can’t help but end up some place that’s fun.

Libra– Make sure what you wish for is what you truly desire because once it is in your possession you may not be able to give it back again.  Also, be careful when making promises to friends. They will hold you to them.

Scorpio– You will gain more on every level if you take an easygoing attitude to getting your way. Aim high by all means but don’t think you have to force people to give you what it is you desire. They want you to have it.

Sagittarius– Most people will respond positively if you approach them the right way – as equals and partners. On the work front especially if you smile and ask nicely you’ll get everything you need.

Capricorn– You don’t have to come on strong to make your point – others will be more receptive to what you say if you say it calmly and clearly with no hint of a threat. They want to believe you, so don’t make it difficult for them.

Aquarius– You get along well with most people but you also need to be aware that there are individuals out there who are so different to you in temperament that it’s unlikely you will ever be friends. That’s okay – it’s what makes for such an interesting world.

Pisces– Someone you meet socially will also attract you romantically but think carefully before you send out signals of love because it may not be the right thing to do. Keep it on a friendly level, at least for the moment.