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April 25, 2014

Aries–Try not to be too serious about life today. There’s a time to ponder the big questions but this isn’t it. Be practical and focus on what is in front of you.  Also, stay alert for new opportunities.

Taurus- All things may be possible for you now but you should be tying up loose ends rather than starting anything new. Get your act together, and keep your friends close.

Gemini– You will find it easy to get your own way – others will take it for granted that you are the boss and do as you say.  If you use charm rather than intimidation you will find that almost everyone will do anything for you.

Cancer- No matter how much others might question your beliefs, if you are happy with them there is no reason to change. Some of your ideas may seem irrational, but life is full of mysteries that not even the experts can answer.

Leo– Make sure you get value for money today because if you don’t take care of your cash others will get rich at your expense. You may not care now how much things are costing you but you will later when you can no longer afford them.

Virgo– If you make an effort to reach out to those you love this will be a thoroughly enjoyable day. Some people may think you lack the human touch but obviously they don’t know you too well. Prove them wrong.

Libra– No matter how determined you may be to make a good impression on people in positions of power you must not run yourself into the ground. Make sure the balance between your mind, body and emotions is not disturbed.

Scorpio– You won’t be shy about letting those you care for know how much they mean to you. This should be a good day for you creatively too, so let your artistic side come out – it will bring a great deal of joy.

Sagittarius– If you have been too busy to spend much quality time with loved ones recently you will get the chance to make up for it over the next few days. You’ve had your fun, now you want those you have feelings for to have fun as well.

Capricorn– You want to go out and have a good time but you also want to express your feelings openly and honestly. This is the perfect day to use those three magic words “I love you”. Say them as if you mean them.

Aquarius– You are on a winning streak at the moment and it will continue into the weekend. It doesn’t have to be just about money – you will be lucky in love as well.

Pisces– You will feel good about yourself today. Try to avoid work that may be strenuous, physically or mentally, because it’s unlikely that your heart will be in it.