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April 30, 2014

Aries–You will be quick off the mark both physically and mentally today, especially if you see a chance to make some money. You will have help making quick decisions, but then follow them up with speedy actions.

Taurus- You will achieve a lot over the next few weeks but you will achieve even more if you can persuade others to take on the boring chores, giving you more time to succeed at the things that really matter.

Gemini– You may have to get tough with someone who has let you down or failed to carry out the tasks that were expected of them. Don’t create unnecessary resentment but make sure they realize this is the last warning they’ll get.

Cancer- It’s not easy being a role model but if anyone can do it you can. Be on your best behavior today and take pride in knowing that others think you are worth following. Only do what is inspiring and uplifting.

Leo– You will come in for some sort of criticism today but if you are smart you will ignore it completely. At best it is misguided. The simple fact is some people envy you for being such a larger-than-life character.

Virgo– Accusations of one sort or another will fly thick and fast today but none of it will stick to you. You know how to disguise what you do better than most people!

Libra–You must not take any unnecessary risks today, especially with money. Keep your cash in your pocket and don’t let anyone persuade you there is easy money to be made, because it’s your money they are after.

Scorpio– You won’t get far on your own over the next few days, so let partners and loved ones and even work colleagues know you need and value their support. Together you can do amazing things.

Sagittarius– Don’t worry too much if you get behind in your work because there will be plenty of time to catch up later on. It would help if you were not so willing to take on other people’s tasks. You can be too generous.

Capricorn– Anything of a creative nature will go well for you but it will go even better if you make an effort to bring other people into your plans. Friends and loved loves want to help you but they don’t want to be seen as invading your space.

Aquarius– Focus on helping other people today. Everyone knows you are talented and destined to move up in the world but what they may not know is that you get a huge kick from doing good for others.

Pisces– Socially this will be a thoroughly enjoyable day but some of your friends may be angry that you are spending more time with new acquaintances than you are with them. They may have a point but you can’t help it if you’re so popular.