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Horoscopes for October 10th






ARIES- You should meet someone new today, even if you’re trying to avoid it for some reason. With your great, positive energy, you should find that you all get along great and break down barriers.

TAURUS- Someone is pushing back hard against your plan — or your unwillingness to go along with the group. Now is the time to hold your ground, but it is sure to be difficult for a bit longer

GEMINI- You may need to deal with someone who’s uncommunicative, but you can fix that. See if your great social energy is right for their frequency, then start talking — they are sure to fall in line eventually!

CANCER- You are feeling a bit suspicious of your people today — but that’s not such a terrible thing. As long as you can satisfy yourself that all is well, you should be able to relax in the near future.

LEO- Your mind is wide open today — and all sorts of great ideas are making themselves at home! You may also be learning new things about the people you like best, so get ready to be amazed.

VIRGO- Take all the time you need to make sense of your finances today — they are a little out of control, most likely! If you can get yourself to see things as they really are, then the rest is simple.

LIBRA- Romance isn’t everything  you need to make sure that you’re taking care of all your relationships today. Things are getting pretty freaky, but with your assistance, everyone can thrive.

SCORPIO- Try your best to avoid getting in fights today — even more so than usual. Your energy just isn’t right for making sure that you play by the rules and consider all the possibilities, so defer conflict.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re feeling good — much better than you did just yesterday — and your great energy is perfect for taking action. If you want to throw a party, do it now. If you want to ask someone out, there won’t be a better time.

CAPRICORN- You need to deal with life as it really is — even if that means sticking to the same old routines. You don’t get bored easily, but you do have to find a way to cope with repetitive stress.

AQUARIUS- You’re out on the fringes once again — and you should find that your energy is best spent helping people to see beyond their limited imaginations. Don’t push them too far, though!

PISCES- Someone is trying your patience today — and that’s not all! They may be testing you to to see if you’re likely to be a good mark for their nefarious schemes. Things are likely to get weird!