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May 1, 2014

Aries–You have taken on a lot of new tasks in recent weeks and could probably use some help. Others will come to your assistance and share the load if you ask them but you must make it worth their while.

Taurus- Make sure you know what is expected of you before backing a plan or project that will inevitably take up a lot of your time and energy. And make sure there’s a timetable – you need to know when you will be free again.

Gemini– If others want to make an issue of things that are of no significance to you then you have no choice but to turn your back and walk away. The last thing a thinker like you needs is small-minded people around you.

Cancer- There is a danger that you will try to make the facts fit your assumptions – and if you do, the consequences could be awful. Always strive to see life as it is, not as you wish it might be.

Leo– If a project does not seem to be working out or if your ultimate goal is as far away as ever, perhaps you should take it as a sign that something is wrong. It’s not too late to change course – only your ego is holding you back.

Virgo– There is no doubt that you don’t fear anything, but you still need to be careful. Don’t push your luck and don’t push yourself beyond your natural limits, no matter what the potential rewards might be.

Libra–You are filled with courage and confidence but other aspects warn you can’t do it all on your own. You need to rediscover the joys of being a team player, how good it feels to share success with other people.

Scorpio– You have never been one for small talk and what others are gossiping on about bores you to tears. Ignore them and focus your attention on what is important to you, even if no one else seems to agree.

Sagittarius– Try to say only nice things about friends and colleagues, because if you make your true feelings known it will cause you all sorts of problems. That applies especially on the work front, no matter how much you may despise certain people.

Capricorn– For some strange reason you seem reluctant to take advantage of an opportunity most people would give anything for. Yes it could go wrong but it could also go stunningly well – and unless you try, you will never know.

Aquarius– You believe that your feelings for a certain person are a one-way street but that is far from the truth. They care as much for you as you do for them but they’ve got other things to worry about. Be patient.

Pisces– You will discover something about a friend or loved one that surprises you today – which just goes to show you can never be sure you really know another person. Resist the urge to pry any deeper – leave them a few secrets to enjoy.