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October 5th






ARIES- You need to take it easy today -- and fortunately, that's already in the works! Maybe you get the day off, maybe you find a sudden hole in your schedule or maybe you just score tickets to a big game

TAURUS- You just don't know what to make of today's odd energy -- so don't worry about it! Even if it feels like you're not yourself, that just means that you need to branch out and make something different happen.

GEMINI- You need to avoid the temptation to be practical today -- your energy is too good to be wasted on mundane projects! Just let others follow up on your great ideas while you have fun generating them

CANCER- What's going on in there? It may feel like a crowded room inside your head today, as competing voices try to shout over each other in a cacophony of confusion. Let them screech -- calm comes soon.

LEO- Your friends are all right behind you today -- so make sure that they get their props! Your social energy is perfectly balanced, and you should be able to get them all enthused about the next big thing.

VIRGO- You need to deal with some fast-moving action around you today -- so let your mind act freely! If you can pivot at a moment's notice and shake things up without a care, things go well for you.

LIBRA- You need to make the most of this great energy -- so deal with it in a positive way. Things are getting better, and you can feel an optimistic spirit fill you up. Life is wonderful!

SCORPIO- You need to be more careful -- otherwise, things are sure to get out of control! This is especially true with work or job-search issues, so you may need to get some help from your colleagues

SAGITTARIUS- You're lost in thought -- and you can't seem to find your way back! There's nothing really wrong with that, though, so try not to worry about your final destination. Things swing back soon enough!.

CAPRICORN- Today is all about listening -- but you need to choose carefully, as nearly everyone has got something to say! Try to stick with those with a proven track record of keeping it short and sweet.

AQUARIUS- You need to make sure that your love life is ready for a shock -- a good one, of course! You may find that you run into an old flame, or that your current sweetie surprises you in a really big way!

PISCES- You can't believe that things got as crazy as they just did -- but life sometimes gets overwhelming! Make sure that you're getting the help you need to cope with it all before day's end.