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May 5, 2014

Aries– Listen to what a friend has to tell you and be quick to act on their advice. Even if what they say is not what you were hoping to hear there is a lot of wisdom in their words, they can see what you currently cannot.

Taurus- Someone in a position of authority will look favorably on you over the next few days and if you are smart you will get something more out of it than just praise. Ask for a raise or a promotion – or both.

Gemini– Creatively and romantically the next few days should be good for you, but you need to be focused. Identify your number one priority and really go for it.  Expect great things of yourself – you’ll achieve them with ease.

Cancer- You will make efforts above and beyond the call of duty over the next week. Not only will you get an extraordinary amount of work done in a short amount of time but it will be quality work too.

Leo– You will be much in demand socially today but you must choose carefully among the many invitations you receive because you won’t have the time or the energy to say yes to them all. Which of them will further your status the most?

Virgo– A family matter you thought had been resolved will come about again today and this time you must make sure it’s settled. You may not like laying down the law but if you don’t the issue will continue.

Libra–What you have to do over the next few days may not be what you would choose to do but if you approach it in the right frame of mind it can still be fun. And it may get important people back on your side.

Scorpio– If you do things by the book today you will get the rewards you deserve. If you try to gain an advantage by cutting corners or telling lies most likely you will find that your underhand methods will backfire.

Sagittarius– It’s not like you to put practical matters above having fun but you may have no choice in the matter over the next 24 hours. Social activities will have to take second place to getting on top of your work and money situations.

Capricorn– It won’t be long before you get the chance to do something out of the ordinary but you are advised to be patient. If you make your move too soon the results may not be as good as they could have been.

Aquarius – What happens over the next 24 hours will remind you that it is not where you look but how you look that determines the way the world seems to be. Be positive and purposeful in everything you say and do.

Pisces– If you recently made a promise, then you must keep it. If you try to back out of the deal it will do your reputation a great deal of harm. Do what you said you would.