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May 7, 2014

Aries– Keep your eyes and ears open today because if you don’t you could miss out on a great opportunity to have fun. Your mind will be sharp and strong, giving you a major advantage over your rivals.

Taurus- You must be positive today. Both in your personal life and at work there is a lot at stake and you need to know what you want – and have the courage to reach out and take it. If you can do all that you will prosper.

Gemini– Start believing that you have what it takes to make a difference. Now that Mercury, your ruler, is moving into your sign the doubts of the past few weeks will be swept away. You will get your chance to shine, and in a good way.

Cancer- The things you fear the most are the things from which you have least to fear. Keep repeating that to yourself because you need it to soak into your subconscious. Nothing in the world can possibly hurt you.

Leo– You must allow friends and family members to make more decisions for themselves. Over the past few weeks you have insisted on taking the lead but now it’s time to give others a chance.

Virgo– You won’t lack opportunities today but don’t just throw yourself at the first one that comes along. Identify what it is you most want to accomplish and wait for the right offer – it will come very soon.

Libra–You may have been a bit too fixed in your opinions lately but you will get the chance to review your beliefs and adjust them to fit reality – rather than the other way around!

Scorpio– Over the next two or three days you will find it easier to get a grip of a financial matter that has been keeping you awake at night. Once you find out what the real problem is you will also find the courage to deal with it.

Sagittarius– Other people don’t have to lose just so that you can win. Your task today is to find creative ways to further your own ambitions while helping others to get what they need as well.

Capricorn– You have changed so much in recent weeks that you may no longer be sure which way is up, but that’s okay. On the work front at least you will know without a doubt what needs to be done next. So do it.

Aquarius– The mental turmoil of the past few weeks will hopefully fade away today. But you can certainly make things easier for yourself by not worrying so much in general.

Pisces– You may have to give up something that means a lot to you but you won’t mind too much –you may be secretly happy to see it go. You will be happier if people just leave you alone for a while. You like your own company.