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May 13, 2014

Aries– You have started many new things in recent weeks but you will soon have to choose which one or two projects you are going to focus on. Remember, quality always counts for more than quantity.

Taurus- You are no doubt full of confidence and eager to start something new. Don’t sit there waiting for Lady Luck to drop opportunities into your lap – get out there and create them yourself.

Gemini– Everyone has fantasies– you are nothing out of the ordinary in that sense – but the power of your imaginings could lead you in some unusual directions. Try to keep a grip on reality today, otherwise your mind could float away!

Cancer- Work hard but leave yourself plenty of time for fun and social activities too. Friends will come by when you least expect it and you should be ready to drop what you are doing and make them feel welcome.

Leo– You will be very assertive on the work front over the next few days, which is good, but you could also annoy people who think you are trying to take their position. You must stay on good terms with those in positions of power.

Virgo– You will find that a number of questions you have been asking over the past few weeks will answer themselves over the next 48 hours. Whether or not the answers are to your liking at least you will know what it all means.

Libra–Fears you thought had been put behind you will return in strange and unexpected ways. However, if you face up to those fears and deal with them bravely then this will be the very last time they bother you.

Scorpio– The next few days are mainly about relationships. Challenges must be dealt with and certain people must be blatantly told that you are the boss. Compromise is possible, but only after you have established your authority.

Sagittarius– If you need to make changes in your working environment now is the time. Some of your colleagues won’t like what you do but that’s too bad. Either they fit in with your plans or they move out.

Capricorn– This is one of the best times of the year for you and you really should be making the most of it. Most things are possible, so set your sights high and make greatness your goal.

Aquarius– A difference of opinion with someone could easily get out of hand over the next 48 hours, so promise yourself that no matter what is said you won’t overreact. By the end of the week it will all be forgotten.

Pisces– Travel is on the cards for today and tomorrow but so are hold-ups and unexpected diversions. The good news is that wherever you end up you’ll have a lot of fun– get out into the world.