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Horoscopes for October 11th






ARIES- Something new takes over your mental space today, and it could mean that you’ve got someone new in your life as well. You feel totally up to any new challenge, so embrace the novelty!

TAURUS- Avoid snap decisions today — in fact, it’s best if you avoid making decisions at all. It’s not that you’re confused, just that you won’t get all the info you need for another few days.

GEMINI- Listen carefully when people start telling you what’s what — they know things you couldn’t yet have learned. Things should be pretty great, but only if you’re willing to listen and adapt.

CANCER- You are in a big hurry, but try to do things right. If you go too quickly, you are sure to mess up the crucial detail that sends everything into a tailspin. Slow and steady wins the race.

LEO- Try to enjoy yourself today — though it isn’t hard! If you can slack off at work or skip out entirely, so much the better. Your people are sure to find your energy exhilarating!

VIRGO- Your colleagues are getting on your nerves — even more than usual! It’s a good time for you to step up and make sure that they’re at least listening to you. That does go both ways, of course!

LIBRA- Business matters are much easier to attend to now — as long as you are focusing on the right people. Fortunately for you (and them), your ability to discern important relationships is strong now.

SCORPIO- A simple disagreement could get really ugly today — so try to recognize it while it’s happening and then pull back as soon as you can. Things should be smoother in a few days

SAGITTARIUS- You’re playing games — but you’re not trying to play anyone. You’re just having fun and getting things done, so if anyone asks why you’re smiling so broadly, just tell them it’s all good.

CAPRICORN- Take responsibility for whatever went down recently — even if it wasn’t all your fault. You should impress the right people with your willingness to take a hit for the team, and that’s all you need

AQUARIUS- You can see patterns where others just see random noise — and on a day like today, there are hidden patterns everywhere! It’s a good day for you to make predictions or to fill in the gaps

PISCES- You need to get your head out of the clouds, at least a little. Things are getting even weirder for your people, and they need to hear from you. Make sure you’re speaking their language!