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October 9th








ARIES- Check in with your family today -- they need you! They might not be able to tell you exactly what's going on, but your intuition can help you to figure out at least the outlines of the problem.

TAURUS- It's a great day for a leisurely lunch with friends -- maybe one that turns into a nightcap! Your great social energy is perfect for just chilling, enjoying yourself and maybe meeting new people.

GEMINI- You need to tighten up your budget a little -- though that doesn't have to mean cutting spending. If you can find a new revenue stream, you should dive right in and make the most of it!

CANCER- Your sense of self is stronger than ever, and you should be able to pursue self-interested plans and projects better than ever. If you feel invigorated, you're definitely doing it right!

LEO- You feel a little shy today, but not so much that you can't take some praise. Still, you may end up sharing the credit with folks who are surprised to hear their names mentioned. Go for it!

VIRGO- Your family needs your attention, so make sure that you're giving them your all. Things are getting weird, but you can give folks what they need if you're listening and they're willing to accept help

LIBRA- Your dual nature is making life a little harder today -- which is unusual for you. Try not to wallow in emotions today, as you need to make sure that you're put together when things start to get tough

SCORPIO- You rely on your gut just enough to know it works well for you -- but today, you need to trust it totally. Your spiritual and mental energies are in sync, which means your hunches are golden

SAGITTARIUS- You're a bit more subdued and withdrawn, while someone close is much more exuberant, and may be trying to draw you in. Politely decline and wait for a time when you're both on an even keel.

CAPRICORN- You should try to deal with any pressing issues today before you do anything else -- well, except maybe making your coffee! You just don't feel right until your plate is clear of potential crises.

AQUARIUS- You are having a tough time with something that others find easy today -- but don't let it get you down! You just need to make sure that you're plugging along and avoiding the temptation to give up

PISCES- You're having a great time today -- so much so that you may want to round up your people and head out for the day! It's a good time to build social bridges and to make life sweeter for all.