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May 20, 2014

Aries– Don’t worry if you find it hard to put your feelings into words – your body language will tell partners and loved ones all they need to know. And with planet Mars moving in your favor, they’ll get to know plenty!

Taurus-Why are you so determined to take a negative view of everything that happens?  If you think bad thoughts then bad things are more likely to happen. Your mind creates your world – so get smiling.

Gemini– You may have to postpone something you were looking forward to today, but by the end of the week you will look back and be glad you were forced to change the timing. Listen to what your inner voice is trying to tell you.

Cancer- You don’t have to be number one all of the time, even though you are used to being one of life’s leaders. If you want to get ahead this week you must look for compromise solutions. They’re easy to find.

Leo– You don’t have to commit yourself to something if it doesn’t feel right. Others may try to make you feel guilty about leaving them but it’s your own needs that take priority. Always be true to yourself.

Virgo– It may seem as if a dream is not going to come true but the planets are just making you wait a bit so that when the things you desire eventually come your way you will appreciate them more. That’s not so bad.

Libra– You should know by now that change is the only constant in life and the really good news is that the changes coming your way will delight you. One of the best times of the year is about to begin.

Scorpio–You’ll be a bit touchy as the new week begins, perhaps due to a fear that a work colleague is plotting against you. Most likely there is no truth in it at all, so don’t do or say anything that might really turn them against you.

Sagittarius– It’s good that you support some kind of cause but don’t fall into the trap of believing that it’s okay to use underhand methods to further your aims. The ends do not justify the means, not now, not ever.

Capricorn– There is no point arguing with people in positions of power.  You may not agree with what they are doing but you’d be wise not to shout about it. You’ll get your chance later on.

Aquarius– It may seem as if your rivals are being favored while you are being ignored but even if that is true why should it worry you? You don’t need other people to help you. Carve your own path through life.

Pisces– You may have every right to get angry with someone who has let you down but you will make a better impression if you forgive and forget and act as if nothing has occurred. In the greater scheme of things, it’s no big deal.