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ARIES- Now is a great time for you to indulge yourself in something refreshing and stimulating. A cultural event, an art museum or even just a good book can all give you what you need right now

TAURUS- You have to make changes in the way you deal with your people — especially their demands. Someone wants you to drop everything and buy them what they need or just do what they say, but you shouldn’t — yet

GEMINI- You’ve got a widespread social network, and right now, you need to make the most of it. See if your people — those out on the periphery — need anything from you, or if they’re up to anything cool

CANCER- You need to keep your cool as much as possible today — things are getting a bit weird, but your reaction should help others see what to do. Things are sure to settle down by tomorrow!

LEO- You can be pretty dang flexible when you want to be — and right now, you are finding it easier than ever! Your great energy helps you to find new ways to take care of business, so make the most of it.

VIRGO- You know what you need to do, though you may not be quite sure how to get there. It’s a good time for you to acknowledge that sense of purpose and do something serious about it.

LIBRA- Big groups can be fun, but for now your best bet is to stick with one-on-one business. A date, job interview or sit-down with a family member can yield some important results for you both.

SCORPIO- This is a great day to consider your health — especially if it’s acting up, but even if you feel great. Make a wellness checkup appointment or just take a positive step toward a healthier life.

SAGITTARIUS- See if you can get your people to indulge your inner child — in fact, it may be a great idea to play with actual children! Your energy is just right for making kids laugh and letting your creative spirit soar.

CAPRICORN- Safety is much on your mind today — and with good reason! Whether you’re unblocking fire exits or trying to ensure your data is backed up, you’ve got what it takes to lock it all down

AQUARIUS- You’re learning new things at a prodigious rate, and should find that your discoveries are keeping you amused and alert to new possibilities. One find in particular should change the course of your career path

PISCES- Something is not quite right — and you need to fix it up, if possible. Make sure that your energy is right for getting people to see the difference between fake and real. Can you see it yourself?