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October 11th








ARIES- You've got creative energy to spare right now -- so toss off a few of your hot ideas to those in need. You may find that you rise in their esteem; generosity is sure to be rewarded today.

TAURUS- You may not understand that you're not being heard until it's too late -- so it may be a good idea to hold off on big speeches or advice until tomorrow or the next day. It's worth the wait.

GEMINI- Don't hold back on your opinions today -- they are sure to be met with some resistance, but that just makes them stronger in the long run! If you can argue past the initial obstacles, it should all go well.

CANCER- Act on that wild impulse today -- you know that it can't hurt! Things are weird and getting weirder, so nobody even notices when you take off in your own odd direction. Go for it!

LEO- Your celebrity status is increasing -- people are starting to recognize your achievements. This is good news, as things may start to roll in a much better direction for you now that people know what you can do.

VIRGO- You may feel overwhelmed at all the weird stuff going on around you today, but try to just let the trivial stuff go and focus on one or two big, important projects. They should be manageable!

LIBRA-Your hopes are driving you forward today -- and while that may not seem like enough to some people, for you, it's all you need. Keep striving for excellence and make the most of this terrific day

SCORPIO- Whether you're on the clock, looking for work or employed in some offbeat manner, you can expect troubles with the boss today. There's no good way to fix them -- only time can make this go away.

SAGITTARIUS- A surprise upgrade brings a smile to your face, so look out for new opportunities. It could be part of a travel package, related to your love life or even a raise at work, but good news is on the way!.

CAPRICORN- If you freelance or are in business for yourself, you need to watch out for bumps in the road today. If you're part of a larger business, you may see industry-wide issues start to threaten your position.

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with struggles between your peers in your social life or at work -- but try not to take sides. It may be a foregone conclusion, but you are at your best when you're impartial.

PISCES- You know what you want today -- but not everyone agrees with your opinions. See if you can just hold off for now, as it's not a good time to exercise your persuasive charms. Tomorrow is better.