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May 30, 2014

Aries– Relationships seem to be taking on a more aggressive edge. Keep reminding yourself that life is not a battle and that people are not the enemy. Compromise is better than confrontation.

Taurus– Don’t make too many plans – you have enough on your plate as it is. If someone asks you to take on extra responsibilities you must turn them down. Your health could be at risk if you push yourself too hard.

Gemini– The tempo of life has picked up a lot and it will pick up even more today and over the weekend. Can you stand the pace? Of course you can: you’re a Gemini…you think and act twice as fast as most other people.

Cancer- Someone will try to compel you to do things you don’t want to do today. For now you may have no choice but to do what they say but start looking around for ways you can get out from under their thumb.

Leo– You seem to be endowed with limitless energy at the moment and are getting so much done that it’s unlikely you will let up any time soon. Remember though that its quality work that counts, not quantity.

Virgo–You have built up so much momentum in recent weeks that you will be moving onward for some time yet. But you know you cannot keep up this pace forever, so at least start thinking about slowing down.

Libra– Life is adventurous and exciting. Wherever you go and whatever you do today you must seize the initiative and make sure the world knows you are a force to be reckoned with – a force of nature in fact.

Scorpio– You don’t have to be the life of the party - it’s unlikely you will win any prizes for popularity. But do you care? Of course not! You rather enjoy being the odd one out – it makes you feel special.

Sagittarius– Stand up for what you believe but don’t turn it into a war. Just because some people disagree with you does not mean you have to beat them into submission. It takes a lot to make such an interesting world.

Capricorn– If someone in a position of power says or does something that you disagree with today you would be wise not to let it show. You are not strong enough to confront them directly, so be smart and keep your distance.

Aquarius– Today you will easily find ways to get past other people’s defenses. You can be subtle about it but more likely you prefer to blast your way through. It’s certainly more fun!

Pisces– There is a lot of gossip flying about at the moment and there is a danger it could damage your credibility. You must speak up and let others know that what is being said about you is not remotely true.