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June 6, 2014

Aries– You won’t take kindly to others telling you what to do. Anyone who thinks they can order you around is going to find that you are in no mood to sit back and take it. You should be the only person calling the shots.

Taurus– You will get the chance to move up in the world today but you need to act quickly. Sudden disruptions will occur but even though they may seem a bit frightening they will work in your favor.

Gemini– You will have some remarkable ideas and insights today but it is what you do with them that matters. Dreams are fun, and necessary, but are they the sort of dreams that can be turned into realities? Think about it.

Cancer- This is unlikely to be an easy day but it can still be a profitable one. If someone in a position of authority challenges you to do better you must take up that challenge, no matter how unnecessary it may be.

Leo– You will receive some criticism today but don’t overreact as that may make matters worse. Is there some truth in what they are saying about you? Everyone has faults. Maybe you should listen and learn.

Virgo–You will have to fight for your rights today, both at home and at work. If you don’t, if you let others eat away at your privileges, you may have none left by the full moon on the 13th. Give as good as you get!

Libra– The smallest thing is likely to set you off today but on this occasion getting angry is actually the best thing you could do. It will remind others that you are not the sort of person who can be taken for granted.

Scorpio– You may find it hard to admit you were wrong about something today. If you have been found out for playing fast and loose with the truth you must admit it and promise not to let it happen again.

Sagittarius– You should be making great progress now and if you are not it can only be a matter of time. Make an effort to move up in the world and make sure others can see that you are going places. Everyone loves a winner.

Capricorn– Your views and opinions may be a little out of the ordinary, maybe even outrageous, but there is no way should you change them. They may be closer to the truth than you realize, so keep searching.

Aquarius– Seek out people who are different in some way and don’t be afraid to show them that you are different too. Today anything that is out of the ordinary will work in your favor.

Pisces–You need to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to your finances. What worked for you in the past may not work as well for you now, so look ahead and find new ways to boost your earning power.